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Order my step-by-step instructional DVD and restore a piece yourself.  I will coach you through the process if you need help.  Just email me.

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These popular videos are receiving endorsements from educators, refinishers, and video distributors alike! You will learn ALL the basics of furniture refinishing: set-up & tools, furniture stripping, simple repair, electric & hand sanding, steaming & bleaching, staining & oiling, brush & spray finishing.
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This is a detailed, ... well produced, well organized presentation on making old, used furniture look wonderful, maybe better than new. Great for beginners; old hands may learn something as well. 
-- National Library Journal, May, 1999

An excellent introduction to the refinishing process. Better than a book because Paul carefully demonstrates each step. Ideal for the do-it-yourselfer. 
-- President, Green Products, 1998

5.0 out of 5 stars
I wood if I could and I did it April 18, 2001

I have a habit of finding old or misused furniture free or cheap. But restoring them to their original beauty is another matter. Thanks to Paul Renaud and his video "I wood if I could" I found out it is easier than I thought. He (Paul) takes you step by step in breaking down the piece to stripping, sanding, repairing and finishing, including all steps of safety for yourself and your piece. Each step is separate and gives you time to turn the video off while you do that step completely and then resume with the next step. I found this video more helpful than any book by far. Easy to understand and comprehend.
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